Restoration Projects SS90 (Sears 125 Vespa 'Restomod')

Vespa ss90 Restoration Project (Part 1)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

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One can’t have enough projects, right? I am working on turning my Sears 125 Vespa into an Vespa SS90 “restomod”. This will be a long term project and will be posting the progress here. Following are some of the photos of the bike and what I have done so far.

On the left is the original frame. On the right is the SS90 legshield from Scooter Center Klon in Germany


It is not that much taller. The horn cast makes it not line up too well. It is narrower.


The Legshield with the front fender and the headset from Saigon Scooter Center.

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