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Vespa Haynes Owners Workshop Manual 1959-1978:

vespa_haynes1This book is an old faithful repair book published in 1990. It notes that it covers all Vespa models from 1959 to 1978 but in reality it covers the Vespa 90 (V9A1T), 90 SS(V9SS1T), Racer (V9SS2T), Douglas 232L2, 125 (VMA1T), Primavera (VMA2T), Vespa 150/Douglas Sportique (VBB1T), 150 Super (VBC1T), GL150 (VLA1T), Sprint 150 (VLB1T), Rally 180 (VSD1T), and Rally 200 (VSE1T). It doesn’t cover the GS150 (VS51T) which was built until 1961. These models covered are similar enough to most others that the principles are the same even if the bike you have is not covered in the list above. The book has photographs of a complete dismantling of a VBB style bike, and expands to small frames with only a few exploded views. It has many helpful troubleshooting guides and general maintenance that is required at periodic intervals.

ISBN 0-85696-126-4


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