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It often pays to restore a Classic Vespa.

Vespa Tuning PX 200To find your Vespa

  • First, you must find your Vespa PX 200, which you can restore. This can be at flea markets, online auctions or on an old memory of a farm. There will always be beautiful original machines that you can fix up.
  • The Vespa PX 200 is to drive with a motorcycle license, you also remember, if you want to fix up the scooter not only for the fun of DIY, but also want to drive.

The Vespa PX200 has headdresses Yourself Go

  • If you have an older Vespa PX200, you can even solve the hoods and reattach that may be necessary if you have an injury and want to buckle them or because you want to have the panels in a different color.
  • When Vespa PX200 you can both sides, so the hoods, by means of levers easily, remove independently and even re-insert, which may also be necessary because you need the motor, there to solve, for example, the spark plug.

The PX 200 has an indestructible engine

  • The advantage of an old Vespa PX 200 is the two-stroke engine with mixture, because by the permanent oil lubrication of the engine is very robust and can withstand many kilometers without Kolbenundichtigkeit.
  • Look at the overall condition of the machine, usually the largest restoration needs of the body with respect to rust. Since it is a self-supporting body, you should consider whether it is single rust spots that can be repaired or if the entire floor pan is rusted. In the latter case, it is very difficult for a layman, because you must be able to weld.Vespa%20px200e%2082%2001
  • If the exhaust system has rusted, it does not matter, you can buy spare parts, which are still at the dealer and replace the tubes and the pot. But see if the suspensions are still okay, otherwise you do not “feed” to fix the exhaust.
  • The engine block should be cleaned when it is very oily, and then observe whether the scooter somewhere loses oil. Fold out the seat up and unlock using the two levers the side covers. If Sturzbügel be present, unscrew it first.
  • Now you can remove the carburetor, take a look at the filter, if necessary it can be replaced. Check at the same occasion, the nozzles if they are not clogged. The spark plug should be fawn and not whitish or oily, this indicates an incorrect mixture supply and ignition.
  • It certainly makes sense if you replace the Bowden cables of your Vespa PX 200, provided that they are stiff, but that can be a bit more complicated because you have to pull the trains over the handlebars and install again, you need a special tool.
  • If you want to repaint, you must grind the old lacquer hand all through the curves you can only use a bad machine. Rust must be removed completely and carefully patched holes in a metal tape. Apply a base coat and top coat to the new locations. With Spray can achieve better results than with brushes. Large-scale painting you should let a professional, because otherwise you will be disappointed with the result.

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