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How to Remove the Clutch – Classic Vespa Largeframe



The Vespa largframe clutch is located just behind the rear wheel. You will see a clutch cover held by three bolts. You can service the clutch while the engine remains on the scooter but to do so you will need to first remove the rear wheel.To Remove the Vespa Largeframe Clutch;

Step 1 – Remove Clutch Cover

Using a 10mm socket remove the three bolts as shown in the photo that hold the clutch cover. Some residual oil may drip out just clean it with a rag.



Step 2 – Access to the Clutch

Be extra careful when removing the clutch cover as a small brass plunger may fall out. If if does place it back into the clutch leaver as shown in the photo If it is damaged or worn out you may want to replace it. You will now see the clutch with a brass presure plate in teh centre held by a then spring wire.


Step 3 – Remove the Presure Plate

Carefuly remove the brass presure plate in the centre of the Clutch. You can easly pry it off with a screw driver- make sure you do not apply too much presure so as to break the spring wire. While your at it you may as well replace the brass presure plate and spring wire.


Step 4- Remove the Clutch Nut

Upon removing the brass presure plate you will see the nut that holds the clutch to the drive shaft. The nut is a special castlated type that sits into the grove on the drive shaft so as to secure the clutch from coming. Simply pry the castled nut a little (were it is bent into the groove in the shaft) and then uncrew the nut with a 13mm socket. You may need to hold the clutch with one hand (or have someone else do it) while undoing the nut.



Step 5 – Remove the Cluch

Once the castlelated nut is off you can then pull the cluch off. Be careful to ensure that the little peice of halfmoon shaped metal (woodruff key) does not fall out or into the engine case or that you loose it. You will need it to secure the clutch back onto the shaft.



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