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How To Do A A/C Conversion On Your Vespa GS 150

I’ve always wanted a GS150 and finally one popped up. It was in sad shape but restoration is my specialty. If you’ve ever restored an older scooter (50′s) you will see your phone bills skyrocket and your hair turn grey looking for those missing or damaged bits. If the shops I purchased from had caller-ID they would stop picking up the phone! One impossible bit to find is a GS150 battery. My suppliers told stories from unavailable to maybe next spring. I did happen to find one NOS for $200 and a dead one for $75.Since my bike was destined to be a piece of furniture and not a driver, it seems stupid to purchase a battery just to go dead sitting. So I decided to do whatever necessary to modify the electrical system to work without a battery. It seems easy, the 60′s bikes work great using A/C systems, all I have to do is install a 60′s stator plate in my bike and I’m done! No, not quite. Yes you need a 60′s or 70′s stator plate but you will also have to modify your loom. A five wire stator plate like from models 150, 125, GL, or others. You will also need an A/C horn that works, a brake switch for a GS160 or SS180 without a battery, or a Rally 180 (it’s normally in the closed position). The six volt bulbs you’ll need are as listed:

scheme AC Conversion


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