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How To replace The Gear Selector – Classic Vespa Largeframe

If you are undertaking a complete engine rebuild or if at some time you may find the need to undertake a replacement of the gear selector if you do then this is how it is done;

The pictures are of a 3 speed model and the engine is on a bench stand. However you can just as easily do this with the engine on the scooter.

You will need a flat head screw driver and a socket set. If replacing the gasket (which is advisable) you will also need a new gasket.



Step 1 Preliminary Matters 

The first step is make sure that the scooter is in nuetral and that it is firmly standing. Remove the flywheel cover and the gear selector cover as shown in the photo. You will see that this engine is on a bench stand but you can just as easily do this while the moor remains on the scooter.



Step 2 Release the Gear Cables 

By removing the gear selector cover you will see the two gear selector cables. If your not going to replace the cables then make sure that you mark the way that they go back. If you get it wrong your gears will not select the gears as required.



Step 3 Remove the Gear Selector

 Undo the two nuts that holds the gear selector to the case. This will loosen the gear selector. Hold onto the gear selector with one hand and with the other hand turn the flywheel whiling pulling on the gear selector. You will feel the gear selector pull away as in the photo.



Step 4 Replace the Gear Selector

Prepare the replacement gear selector by making sure that it is in neutral. Have a look at the photo and make sure that the selector is at the furthest point.



Step 5 Replace the Gasket

Clean up the engine case of any parts of the old gasket and any residual oil that remains. replace the gasket with a new one.




Step 6 Fit the New Gear Selector

Make sure that the gear selector fits into the grove of the gear rod as shown in the photo. While holding te gear selector with one hand and turning the flywheel with the other push on the gear selector until it sits back onto the engine case. Put the washer, split washer and nut back on. Tighten the nut so that it is firmly on but not overtight


Final Step – Put it Back Together 

Replace the cables and flywheel cover and while your at it replace the gear selector cover with a new stainless steel one.




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