Vespa Models

Vespa 125 1951-1952


1951 Model
The 1951 Vespa Model was easily distinguished with the exposed gear cables and the running boards were visibly longer to the rear. It had hydraulic shock absorber and was fitted with a Dellorto carburetor TA 17B . The rear brake was enhanced by increasing the width and diameter. The front wheel had a aluminium hubcap. 

Color Schemes:

Color Codes:
Manufacturer  Max Meyer
Verde metallizzato 6002M
Rosso Opaco 10055M

Engine: 125 Engine Type: 2 stroke
    Electrical;: magneto 6V
Gears: 3 speed Wheels: 3,50 x 8

Body Codes: V30T – V33T Engine Codes: V33T 251820
  V30T 104097    



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