Vespa Models

Vespa 125 Bacchetta – 1948-1950

Classic Vespa


1948 Model
The early model had a engine that was similar to Vespa 98 but with an engine capacity of 125 cc and a bore of 56.5. This model also had improvements to the gears and a new air filter with a choke, located under the saddle, to help with a cold start. The rear suspension has a hydraulic shock absorber and spring. The Saddle has a front and rear suspension with springs and hook holder. The early model shared the same switch identical to the Vespa 98 but later it was redesigned in black plastic cover and chrome.
1949 Model
The 1949 version of the Vespa 125 had a new designed horizontal fins to promote better cooling. A key lock is also introduced as is a stand
1950 Model
New TA 17B carburettor is added and a new muffler with removable terminal.. V15T headlight is made so that it is adjustable.

Color Scheme:

Color Code:
Manufacturer:  Max Meyer
Verde metallizzato 6000M
Rosso Opaco 10055M

Engine Size:                           125 cc  
Gears: 3 speed  

Identification Codes Body Codes: V1T-V15T Engine Codes: V1M-V15M


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