Vespa Models

Vespa 98 – 1946-1947

Classic Vespa Scooter


Vespa Model Information:
The early models had a Dellorto carburetor T2 16/17 while the later models came with a TA 17; in both cases there was no air filter. In the very first early models the muffler has a double silencer that is fixed to the cylinder with a threaded ring. Later updates of the early models saw the double silencer being replaced with a single silencer and the ring was also replaced with a band. The side pockets are attached to the body, through two u shaped channels in aluminium U-shaped. The hub of the front suspension is made of iron and the wing is removable to allow the replacement of the wheel. At the top of the steering is not the usual ring but a bronze bushing and a spring that serve to keep head tube in place.

Color Schemes:

Color Codes:
Manufacturer : Max Meyer
Grigio 8003M
Grigio metallizzato 8000M
Fondo Rosso Opaco 10055M

Engine Size: 98 cc Engine Type: Monocilindrico 2T
  Electrical: Volano magnete 6V
gears: 3 speed Wheels: 3.50 x 8

Model Identification Numbers:
Body: V98 Engine:

Identification Location:


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