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How to Get Your Vespa Going After a Long Storage

If your Scooter has been stored for long period of time then you just should not start it and go. I little bit of planning will ensure that you don’t do any long term damage. Follow the guide for some tips of things to check:-


When tires sit for a prolonged period of time they will lose some air. So make sure that you check the pressure before you ride. Make sure the wheel nuts are tight and that the tire is in overall good condition. If you see any cracks in the sidewall or in the spaces between the tread, I would recommend replacing the tire.


If your scooter has a battery you should check to the acid level and the charge. Over time the acid will evaporate and your battery will begin to calcify. It is best to top your battery off with distilled water. If the acid level is very low than you could put in some additional acid. Make sure your battery has a good charge before reinstalling it in your scooter.


Test all your lights. Make sure your brake light works as well as the headlight. You don’t want anyone running into you on your first day out. Test the blinkers to make sure they work also.


The next thing to check is the transmission oil. If you changed the oil before you stored the scooter for the winter all you need to check is the oil level. If you did not change it, make sure you change it now. Old oil that sits for a long period of time will separate and break down. All the dirt and grunge that builds up through normal use will be stuck at the bottom of the motor and will begin to circulate through your transmission and ruin any new oil that you put in. So if you have let it sit for a long period of time my suggestion is to make a 50/50 mix of 30 weight motor oil and automatic transmission fluid. Put this in the scooter and run the bike for an hour and then drain the mix out. Refill the case with regular 30 weight motor oil. This can be pain because the oil fill hole is so small. Tip: Get an old squeeze ketchup bottle. It has a nice small hole to ‘squeeze’ the oil through. You know you have put enough in when the oil comes back out the fill hole.



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