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Sergio’s 1958 VNA – Restoration

Originally Published at The Vespa Wizard


Sergio, a proud PX200 owner, always wanted a vintage Vespa so he decided to buy an “rebuilt” one from Bali. Unfortunately it turned out to be another Asian import lemon and, after my advice, he decided to get rid of it before spending too much to make it safe to ride.  A 1958 VNA come up for sale and he decided to go for a full restoration that ultimately, although more expensive than the Bali alternative, was going to give him a beautiful authentic Italian vehicle.

The rear of the frame was in pretty good condition but the front, especially around the horn area, was damaged and out of shape. The edge of the leg shield was cracked in several places and the floor was also in need of a lot of Tender Loving Care.

The engine was dismantled and in several boxes but most parts were in very good condition. The original Italian front fork was brand new and it wasn’t too difficult to source some missing parts both in Italy and from GPS Imports in Melbourne.

SC%20Body%20Before3 SC%20Body%20Before2 SC%20Body%20before

Andrew, the panel beater at Bike Craft in Moorabbin, did the difficult job of reshaping the old body to its former beauty and  the following pictures show the progress of his work.

SC%20Panel%20beating%201 SC%20Panel%20beating%204 SC%20Panel%20beating%203 SC%20Panel%20beating%202 SC%20Panel%20beating%205

As the work on the body was progressing, the engine aluminium components were Hydroblasted and the whole unit was rebuilt from scratch

SC%20Front%20brake SC%20Engine3 SC%20Engine2 SC%20Engine1 SC%20Engine

And finally…here she is, slowly coming back to life

SC%20Frame%201 SC%20Frame2 SC%20Floor SC%20Front%20brake SC%20Speedo SC%20Light%20on SC%20Seat%20&%20Choke

There are no words to describe the emotions that Sergio experienced when he drove this beauty for the first time, shortly after these last pictures were taken


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