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1957 VB1 – Resoration Project

Originally Published The Vespa Wizard


A customer asked me to inspect a Vespa that he was interested in buying and, after I saw  it, I advised him to wait for a better opportunity to come by. In the next few months he tried to find a Vintage Vespa, suitable for restoration, anywhere in Australia but he could not find one. One day he told me that he had found a ’57 VB1 for sale in Italy and he wanted my opinion regarding the purchase and transport to Australia of a vehicle that he could only see in some pictures. The owner assured him that, although a bit dented and still showing the original paint, the Vespa was actually running and drivable.

Well…. here it is, 3months later, at the Port of Melbourne, just unloaded from a container and after being taken to my workshop.

RPdock3 RPdock2 RPdock1 RParrivedrearR RParrivedFR RParrivedfloor RParrivedFL RP%20Left%20Rear


After the usual sandblasting and hydroblasting.


RPEngineGearbox RPEnginecrankshaft RPEngineclutch RPEngineL RPEnginepiston RPEngineR RPEnginegearselector RPFHpivotpin


The VB1 has significant historical value as it is the last of the ‘wide frames’ Vespa ever produced (with   exception of the 65 150) before  the change made in the production line where scooters were made 2 half frames welded together.


RPrebengineon RPrebfloor RPRebchoke RPrebbattery RPFHshocker RPrebforkshandlebarswheel%20on RPrebrightsideon RPFHpivotpin

And Finally… the finished product.

RP%20Front%20Right RP%20Front RPrebspeedo RP%20Headlight&badge RP%20Left%20Front RPrebforkshandlebarswheel%20on



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