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Vespa – A Practical Guide by R.V. Bryant

vespa_bryantThis book covers Douglas models (Vespas built under license in England), It covers all the widemount engined Douglas Vespas starting with the Rod model in which was the first model produced in 1951. It also covers the G model, the GL2, 42L2, 92L2, Continental, 102L2, Clubman, 152L2, 312L2 Sportique, and the 232L2. This book doesn’t stop at the Douglas models and continues on to the Vespa GS150 (VS1T through VS5T), 150 (VBA1T), GS160 (both series), 90 (V9A1T), and finishes up with the Messerschmitt GS150 made under license in Germany and the ACMA Vespa made in France (same as 92L2).

It starts with an excellent overview of how a two stroke works, explaining transfers, rotary valves, transmission, lubrication, etc.. Basic maintenance is then covered before diving into a major technical breakdown of each bike with very good technical diagrams, electrical diagrams, and a fantastic fault finding chart.

First Published 1957 – C. Arthur Pearson LTD – 191 pages


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