Paint & Body work Vespa Restoration Guide

Paint Stripping Method For A Vespa Restoration Project.

A full Vespa restoration will always require a repaint of the duco and a repaint will require a paint strip. There are several options for removing the paint and I hope to give you a insight on the pros and cons for each method. I  am not a professional and do not hold out to have any understanding of the processes other than from my own trial and errors. This guide is simply to help you choose the method you think may best suite you on your Vespa Rstoration Project.


Sandblasting is the simplest method for getting the paint stripped off the scooter body. However it is also the most aggressive and unless done by a super professional who knows what he is doing then it is the least recommended paint stripping method. If you do not know what you are doing, sandblasting will leave unrepairable damage to the body. You have been warned.

Bead Blasting or Media Blasting

As said sandblasting should be left to the professionals – that is because most of them do not in fact use sand at all but use a media that is designed not to be as aggressive or damaging to the body.  media Blasting as it is known is the preferred method as it will preserve the factory zinc layer of protection. However media blasting does not come without drawbacks – namely that the beads can at times be hard to remove from deep inside the shell and it is hard to get into tight spots.

Chemical Dipping

Chemical stripping will remove all paint and rust and is the easiest stripping method to apply. It is fast gets to all areas and possibly the most inexpensive. However you are working with chemicals and if it is not all removed or naturalised the chemicals  will continue to corrode the frame. Also you need to be careful that the chemical do not also remove the factory zinc layer and it is important that the metal be treated almost immidiatly after the chemical stripping treatment so as to protect it from rusting.

There it is. The above is not an exhaustive list of paint stripping method but are the most popular. The best advice that I can give is to do your own research and speak to professionals.


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